EASA PPL (Private Pilot’s License)


Achieve your EASA PPL in 45 hours pursuing a hobby or a career as a pilot, this is the first step in becoming a commercial pilot. A medical class II will be required before commencing your solo flights. The course intends to provide you with 35 hours of training under supervision and a further 10 hours of solo flying on completion of nine examinations.

EASA PPL key points:

First step on modular route to Commercial pilots licence.
Recognised worldwide- allows flight within Europe.
Covers nearly all single piston engine aircraft (Turbine aircraft requires additional training).
Minimum age for licence issue 17 years old.
Minimum visibility condition 5km.
Maintained through a minimum of 12 hours flying in 24 months.
Class II medical required.

Allows licence holder to undertake additional training to obtain the following:

  • Tail wheel aircraft and aircraft with supercharged engines
  • Retractable undercarriage
  • Pressurised cabins
  • Cruise exceeding 140kts
  • Night and Instrument rating