Multi-Engine (MEP) Rating

Learning to fly multi-engine aircraft is an exciting step up in your flying skills. Being able to fly multi-engine aircraft opens you up to heavier, more powerful and complex aircraft can get you to places faster with more performance.

If you’re aiming to become an airline pilot, a Multi-Engine rating is a key stepping stone towards your dream airline career.

To begin training, you will need to have built up over 70 hours of P1 time. Feel free to get in touch with our CFI to discuss your training plans.

The course will consist of a mimum of 6 hours flight training of which at least 2.5 hours of dual flight instruction are operations under normal conditions and at least 3.5 hours of dual flight instruction in engine failure procedures and asymmetric flight techniques. The flight test is a minimum of 1 hour.

Assuming you pass in the minimum time of 7 hours airbourne, the This will cost £3,000.

The Examiner’s and CAA license issues fees are paid directly to them and as such are not included.